The Treasury Department at Jordan International Bank (JIB) is staffed by a group of dedicated professionals with over 40 years experience in UK and international financial markets.

The Treasury Department manages the liquidity of the Bank as well as providing a point of contact with international banks, financial institutions and our corporate and High Net Worth clients.

It manages the balance sheet, including mismatch and liquidity risks, within the regulatory framework set down by the PRA & FCA.

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Using our worldwide network of relationships, the Bank is able to provide customers with tailored products to meet each individual’s requirements.

JIB does not provide investment advice but our High and Ultra High Net Worth Clients have the opportunity to access the Treasury team who can provide a personalised, flexible service, with up-to-date information and views on financial markets and price movements of specific instruments and indices.

This allows clients to focus on matters relevant to the attainment of their personal investment objectives.

  • Foreign Exchange in the major currencies
  • Spot, forward outright and currency swap in major currencies
  • Live Pricing and order taking for retail and corporate clients
  • JIB has a major presence in the interbank money markets in both deposits and placements
  • FX and Money Market dealers can be contacted on Reuters dealing code JIBK

Products & services

JIB Treasury offers a range of products and services to its clients. We offer Spot, forward outright and currency swap in major currencies

JIB also offers a range of services and products in money markets. Having a major presence in the global interbank money markets enables the bank to keep clients up to date with developments in the markets. JIB offers competitive deposit rates for both private and corporate clients. Please call the Treasury team for more details.

Please contact our Treasury team for more information

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